Our wide-ranging range of services enables us to achieve an edge over other service providers.

New Maid / Transfer Application

24X7MAIDS handle of all maid employment paperwork for your family’s peace of mind. Before your helper can start work in Singapore or in case of transfer within Singapore, Domestic helper needs a valid work permit. 24X7MAIDS team will take care of all the complicated and tedious paperwork for families, saving them headaches, time, and money.


Consultation and Counseling for Your Maids

24X7MAIDS provide consultation and counseling services that could facilitate maids to overcome their problems. Sound advice could be given to your maid with concerns over aspects of their employment and welfare. We have dealt with numerous cases of mental health related problems. Our consultation and counseling help maids to have a better state of mind and be cheerful and more motivated at work. Employers who face trouble communicating with their maids could also ask for our help in order to resolve the miscommunication issues.


Work Permit Renewal

24X7MAIDS provide service to renew your domestic helper work permit and employment contract, it is important to ensure the terms of the renewal are clearly stated in the new employment contract. This helps to protect all parties and avoid any potential misunderstandings that may occur. 24X7MAIDS will guide you through the entire process and advise you the current norms in the industry with regards to home leave, salary increments, and bonuses, if any. This will assist you with your decision on what you can offer your Domestic Helper for the successful years of employment ahead.


Cancellation of Work Permit

When your domestic helper is leaving Singapore , 24X7MAIDS provide Work Permit cancellation services , so that our clients save their precious time and not required to make trips down to our office. This is a low cost, time saving service to our client. For our existing customers, it will be free-of-charge, as we believe good service goes a long way.


Direct Hire Application for a Domestic Helper

Direct hire means to only use our agency for processing the visa and the employment contract. 24X7MAIDS is able to do up the necessary arrangements to bring your pre-selected domestic helper to Singapore.


Lodging Services For Your Maids

24X7MAIDS provide a lodging service to home the foreign domestic helpers with us if the employers do not want to leave the foreign domestic worker alone at home or In the event you do not wish for the foreign domestic worker to stay with you before their repatriation, we provide housing service to house the foreign domestic worker during the interim period.


Passport Renewal

Employer should ensure that their domestic helper has a valid passport (with at least 6 months passport validity). Usually, the majority countries need a traveler to have at least six months validity on their passports should they intend to enter the country.
There is no clear-cut rule that employers of maids should pay for the passport renewal fees for domestic worker (MDW). It is advisable that employers and domestic helpers to decide before commencement of the employment on who will be paying for domestic helper’s passport renewal.


Medical Check Up

Domestic helper have to be medically fit by MOM’s standards so their work permits can be renewed. Medical check-ups every 6 months for your helper are one such standard requirement and we can advise you on the right process to make your life easier.


Airport Shuttle Service Pickup / Drop

24X7MAIDS provide airport transport service for the arrival/departure for your domestic worker. 24X7MAIDS do pickup from either the residential address or the lodging house (if the domestic worker is housed with us).


Other Services

  • Air Ticket
  • Personal / Medical Insurance and Security Bond for Your Maids